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Job Code *927
Job Titile Executive-Housekeeping
Company Client of VCS
Industry Entertainment
Experience Min 5-10 Exp
Location Raipur
Detail DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES EXECUTIVE HOUSEKEEPING This is a supervisory, managerial and administrative position in the organisation. Under the general guidance and supervision of the Asst Manager Housekeeping to ensure that customers receive maximum comfort during their visit by providing efficient, sophisticated, and personalized service, and contribute to the smooth running of the housekeeping operation. To ensure high standards of hygiene are adhered to at all times. Be responsible to train Housekeeping staff as per the required standards and to ensure that all housekeeping staff have a professional attitude and high grooming standards & not limiting to Housekeeping. 1. Responsible to monitor HK staff punctuality through attendance/leave registers, appearance, and standard of performance. 2. Responsible to ensure adherence to the policies & procedures, goals and mission of the Multiplex 3. Responsible to provide courteous service to customers and respond promptly to customer enquiries, complaints and requests. 4. Responsible to check all public areas, gardens including toilets making sure they are in good condition. 5. Responsible to report defects to maintenance and to make sure repairs are carried out. 6. Recommends changes as necessary to increase efficiency levels minimizing time required for cleaning auditorium at the end of each show. 7. Responsible to ensure that all housekeeping staff is trained for all fire and safety regulations. 8. Responsible to handle lost and found services and keep records according to procedure. 9. Ensure compliance with all legal / statutory requirements in connection with Cinemas. 10. Maintain minimum stock levels of all items and participates in inventories on weekly basis. 11. To Work in a team environment - with total hands on approach. 12. Responsible to maintain cleanliness and tidiness when cleaning all areas. 13. Responsible to maintain the hospitality spirit at all times when dealing with customers and colleagues. 14. Responsible to take shift duties as instructed by the Mgr AM - HK. 15. Responsible to keep tight control of all keys and ensure that all keys are signed in and out in the logbook. 16. Responsible to personally supervise auditorium cleaning at the end of each show. 17. Responsible to conduct the appraisal process of colleagues. 18. Responsible to sanction leave request and grant permissions. 19. Responsible for the recruitment process. 20. Responsible for the planning and implementing the duty roster. 21. Supervise housekeeping functions in the lobby area, rest rooms, auditoriums, and administrative offices etc....


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