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Job Code *931
Job Titile Production officer
Company Client of VCS
Experience Min 2-5 Exp in pharma
Location Bhopal
Detail - Responsible for day to day manufacturing & packing operations to meet the production volumes. - Responsible to follow the instructions by the production manager & repor ting to directly production manager. - Responsible to precipitate the daily production meetings and discussing with daily outputs & targets. - Responsible to initiate the BMR/BPR/PDR request to QA for manufacturing & packing purpose. - Responsible to maintain the all manufacturing & packing areas shall be comply for GMP compliances and respective SOP compliances. - Responsible to ensure that manufacturing & packing areas line clearances process & documentation and facilitate the area for line clearances by the QA as per GMP requirement. - Responsible for initiate dispensing process, coordinating with stores & QA personnel and ensure that approved materials will be dispensed for batch making & packing. - Responsible for verifying the dispensed quantities as per approved BMR/BPR/PDR. - Responsible for all shift manufacturing & ; packing operations. - Responsible for filling & maintaining the documents on-line to comply the GDP requirements. - Responsible for reviewing& verification the all critical process parameters during the manufacturing and packing operations along with all documentation. - Responsible to return the EMRN materials to warehouse at packing stage as per SOP. - Responsible for carried out for yield calculations of each stages at manufacturing and packing operations. - Responsible for reviewing the filled BMR/BPR/PDR and submitted to production manager for their final review before sending into QA for release. - Responsible for good housekeeping checks during the line clearances, product change overs, etc. - Responsible for training to operators/daily man powers/contract man power/new recruits for OJT trainings. - Responsible for prep aration of SOP if required guidance by production manager. - Responsible for coordinating the interdepartmental activities whereas required or need basis. - Responsible for initiating the deviations, change controls if required during manufacturing and packing operation. - Responsible for participate the investigations if any respect non-compliances, complaints. - Responsible for executing the re-works protocols. - Responsible for initiating the break down/maintenance request to engg for rectification whenever required at manufacturing and packing operations. - Responsible to maintain the reliability of manufacturing & packing equipment’s along with wastages&records - Responsible for maintain the WIP materials with properlabeling to identify the batch wise. - Responsible or on-line inspections as per approved documents, T AMU, visual inspections and all remaining in-process checks as per defined frequencies&


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