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Job Code *963
Job Titile Executive Assistance -Female
Company Client of VCS
Experience Min12-15 Exp in PA
Location New Delhi
Detail DUTIES & WORK EXPECTED FROM Executive- Assittance 1. Should be able to travel as and when required even to foreign countries. 2. Should make M.D’s planning of work and get it executed so as to give maximum result. 3. Should be able to make follow up with all sales representative and report to M.D. (including expense control at site.) 4. Recovery – Our M.D.’s first priority is getting the money from customers in time. Recovery is from (1) AMC – For which Sales regional representatives are responsible. (2) 80% payment from COFMOW (3) 20% balance payment from COFMOW but certification is from site which is done by production G.M. & Sales Regional person. Hence fix the target & get 20% balance payment. 5. Recovery of Bank Guarantees from customers & 200 Cr. BG is with customers. 6. Make the follow up with Sales Regional representatives for additional business of AMCs & Projects and new products. Review them even by visiting the region along with M.D. 7. There will be some Projects going on in all India, make critical follow up with project executing agency. 8. Take complete follow up of Delhi Office particularly when tenders are going on. 9. EXPORT ACTIVITIES 1. M.D. will have to take personal interest in export of HYT. Hence, it is necessary to plan the trips abroad by making suitable follow up of business outside. Plan the trips by taking appointments, accompany M.D. so that further follow up link will remain. 2. Attend and help export team to take part in exhibitions abroad, keep the track of potential customer. 3. Attend the meeting of export business & make follow up. 4. Help M.D. in all export activities as this is his priority 10. Optional (as per the choice of the candidates): Attend all the meeting of M.D. with Pune staff, G.M.s Production, review of production, keep the track afterwards even in Delhi & in tour with M.D. During Pune visit carryout meetings with H.R. persons to address all H.R. related issues. Make effective role in new recruitments; get the performance appraisal of all critical employees. II. What qualities in Secretary M.D. is looking for. 1. Nature – Joly, Mixing, developing good relation with everybody. 2. Leadership qualities to get the job done smoothly. 3. I.Q. should be good. Memory good, grasping power high. 4. Hard & fast working. Ready to work with M.D. late hours 5. Workholic 6. Reliable & honest 7. No absent master. Should be ambitious for growth without which she will not remain motivated. 8. Should be very positive, towards other employees particularly M.D. who is at time hot tempered.


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